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4ml Screw Neck Autosampler Vial with Micro-Insert

The 4ml screw neck glass vial produced by Aijiren is often used in Autosampler. The 4ml 13mm opening is convenient for automatic injection needle injection. The Cap has a center hole. PTFE and Silicone are compounded on both sides to ensure that one side of PTFE faces the reagent inside Vias, ensuring that the stability of the reagent is not destroyed.

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The 13mm screw neck vial has two colors, amber glass and clear glass. Generally speaking, the material of amber glass is 5.0 type glass. The 5.0 type is more stable than the 7.0 type, which can ensure the safety of Vial's internal reagents. However, both 5.0type and 7.0type have strong inertness and are difficult to react with reagents. Aijiren has been working hard to study how to better produce Autosampler Vials to bring customers a better user experience, especially the research on Autosampler Vials, with The micro-insert can increase the liquid level when there are less reagents, without damaging the automatic injection needle, and complete the injection.
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