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Autosampler Vial’s Cap and Septa

Aijiren’s Autosampler Vials, Headspace Vials, including Sample Storage Vials, have different calibers and sizes, and the required Cap and Septa materials and thicknesses are also different. Aijiren produces Cap with Septa and is responsible for the sealing and dust-proof work of Vials. For Septa and Cap The demand is also sealed, easy to sample, easy to disassemble and so on. The advantage of Aijiren’s production of Cap with Septa is that Aijiren has its own exclusive conforming process, which can ensure that Septa is compounded without adhesive and the texture is soft and easy to puncture.

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There are many types of Cap and Septa in the picture, including 24mm Screw Cap, 20mm Aluminum Cap, 13mm Screw Neck Cap, 11mm Snap Cap, 11mm Crimp Neck Cap, 9mm Screw Neck Cap, Natural Rubber/PTFE Septa, Silicone Septa, GC Septa, etc. . Aijiren uses high-quality raw materials to make Closures. Cap is easy to seal, Crimp Neck needs to be sealed with Hand Crimper, and Hand Decrimper is unsealed. Both Screw Cap and Snap Cap only need to be sealed manually. Septa is able to facilitate puncture or ensure sealing performance. The Septa used for puncture is of the type that is hard and intact, not easily broken and chipped.
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