11mm Snap Neck Closures

11mm Snap Neck Closures

The Snap Cap is made of polypropylene, and the raised part of the Cap is very convenient to be stuck in the groove of Vias to ensure fixation. Septa is made of Silicone and PTFE adhesive-free composite. It is soft and easy to puncture. It is very suitable for automatic sampling. The side of PTFE in Septa faces the inside of Vias, sealing without affecting the sample.

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The 11mm snap-seal vial is not easy to break during the opening process because more glass is used in the mouth of the bottle. The snap-seal neck finish is compatible with crimping and/or snap-seal, and the lid can be removed without special tools. It is recommended to use these vials for short-term sample storage and non-volatile samples because the seal is not as strong as crimp or threaded seals. The 11mm Snap Cap is a push-type cap that is very convenient to seal and can be easily sealed without any tools. Therefore, the 11mm Snap Vials is not suitable for conveying liquids. The click sound when sealing can ensure a firm seal and the cap is properly aligned. The temperature range that the bottle cap can withstand is -40-70°C. The central hole of the Cap ensures that the automatic injection needle can be easily pierced, and the septa can also be easily pierced.
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