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Snap Top Vial for Autosampler

Snap Cap vials Wide-mouth vials are easy to fill and provide a larger target area for the autosampler needle. Suitable for most autosamplers, it can hold 12x32mm sample bottle format, high-quality 33 expanded borosilicate transparent glass type 1 (type A) or 51A amber glass uniform, flat bottom ensures that Vial can stand stably on the desktop.

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2ml Snap Vial is easy to use and ideal for storing powder samples. Since it is a push-on lid, it is not suitable for transporting liquids, and the audible click ensures that a strong seal is formed and the lid is properly aligned. The temperature range of the snap-on vial is 0-125¡ãC, and the temperature range of the cap is -40-70¡ãC.
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