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Chromatography Vial from Aijiren

Aijiren’s 2ml vial has a size of 32*12mm, 2ml, screw mouth. It is equivalent in size to 11mm crimp top vials and 10-425 thread vials. 9mm screw vials can be used in any autosampler that uses 11mm crimp top vials and 10-425 screw vials. Compared with the 11mm crimp top cover type, the 9mm type can be easily disassembled by hand.

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High quality Aijiren glass vial for HPLC/GC analysis, amber glass make it compatible for sun-proof samples. 0.3 ml clear glass micro insert fixed in 2ml 9-425 amber glass vial, the measurement of the insert vial is 6*29mm. Conical base insert vial can saving samples while during injection. Vials compatible with all type of 9-425 caps. 9mm wide opening screw top for better needle injection
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