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Screw Top Headspace Vials for GC for SHIMADZU

The 18mm Screw Headspace with caps with electromagnetic screw seals used for CTC is novel in the headspace vial market dominated by crimping necks. Especially for magnetic caps that are difficult to crimp, screw caps are a convenient choice. 18mm Screw Headspace with caps with aluminum skirt and magnetic center plate, it is easy to crimp and remove the cap. 18mm headspace vial with cap is preferred for the following instruments: Shimadzu.
How to choose whether to buy the Headspace Vial with round bottom or flat bottom? The round bottom is stronger, so it is more resistant to the high pressure in the sample Vial during heating. In addition, the vial is easier to slide into the heating block when transported by the magnet. When the vial must run in the instrument with a slight downward trend, a flat bottom may be required.Select the correct Headspace Vial at the bottom and use modern instruments to prepare the entire experiment with highly repeatable samples for accurate analysis.

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