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10mm Screw Thread Autosampler Vial with Closures

10mm sample bottles are widely used in the pretreatment of samples analyzed by gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. With the development of testing technology and the improvement of testing standards, the quality requirements for sample bottles have also increased. The 10mm large opening of Aiji can effectively prevent the risk of injection needle deviation.

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The 10mm screw neck vial is made of transparent Class 1 Class A or Amber Class 1 Class B borosilicate glass; it requires a 10-425 thread seal and a 10 mm septum. See Assemble the cap and septum. Limited volume inner cannula for wide-mouth 10-425 vials. Aijiren 10mm hplc vials are suitable for the following brands of instruments: Jasso, Shimadzu, Varian, VWR (Merck)/Hitachi, PerkinElmer, etc. 10mm is 40% larger than the opening of the general liquid/gas injection bottle, which is more conducive to multiple injections. Sample bottles with words are provided with graduated writing labels for easy sample identification. Aijiren 10mm hplc vials are generally made of high-quality imported 5.0 expanded borosilicate glass tubes. The high cost performance of this material is the first choice for throughput analysis, and 7.0 vials can also be customized. The matching polypropylene bottle cap is chemically compatible, suitable for most chromatographic applications, and suitable for micro inserts with a diameter of 6mm.
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