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10-425 Screw Neck Amber Glass Vials

Aijiren 10mm hplc vial
The bottom diameter is 11.6mm, the height is 32mm, and the diameter is 10mm;
The actual capacity is 2mL, the standard capacity is 1.5mL;
The characteristics of the related parameters of the cover pad: the diameter of the septum is 10mm, and the thickness is 1.5mm;
The opening diameter of the lid is 7mm; the applicable diameter of the lid is 10mm,
GPI standard 425 thread.

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Aijiren 10mm hplc vial features: all glass is made of a material with a light transmittance of 5.0, which is perfectly compatible with the instrument. 10-425 wide-mouth bottle is similar to 8-425 small-necked bottle. It is mainly used for Waters autosampler and Japanese instruments. The wide mouth can get a larger injection range, so this kind of bottle is often used for repeated cleaning and automatic injection. Residual solution on the needle. The 10mm spiral vial silica gel septum has strong re-sealing performance, and can still maintain good sealing performance after multiple injections. PTFE is currently a chemically inert material and has good resistance to strong acids and alkalis. After these materials are compounded, the bottle can be used for various laboratory purposes, such as sealed sampling, chemical storage and so on.
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