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1.5ml 10-425 amber glass hplc autosampler vials with patch

Brand: Aijiren
Mouthful capacity: 2.0ml
Material: made of grade 1 hydrolyzed glass
Color: brown
Whether OEM processing: Yes
Packing: 100 pcs/box, packed in PP plastic pallet box

Rated 4.6/5 based on 346 customer reviews
1. Applicable to various types of autosamplers such as Aijiren, Waters, and Varian. 2. The unique thread design guarantees the best sealing performance, high-precision processing technology, strict quality control, and guarantees the uniformity of the size between batches 3. The well-proportioned flat bottom ensures the matching with the inner cannula, and the ceramic writing board is convenient for marking. 4. A variety of gaskets can be selected, red film white rubber pad, white film red rubber, with pre-cut, etc., all can be customized. 5. A variety of inner cannulae can be selected, flat bbottom, conical bottom, or with polymer feet.
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