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Aluminum Silver Hand Pliers Vials Glass 11mm Vial Crimper for Cap

Vial crimper is ideal for small batch capping operations and sample preparation operations. Designed for laboratory use with good chemical resistant surface coating, the manual capper is widely used for laboratory headspace sample vial crimping.

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Head Crimper Features

  • Manually operated with adjustable stops, crimp pressure regulator on operating handle, cushioned grip for user comfort
  • Easy to handle and use for quick and easy seal removal
  • Tough crimps with special metal alloy for long-term use


In the use of capping pliers and headspace caps to seal the process of headspace bottles, there are several places to pay attention to: First, pay attention to the direction of the headspace vials gasket loaded into the aluminum cap to ensure that there is a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated side of the headspace vials towards the mouth; Second, attentively adjusting the depth of the jaws of capping pliers to ensure that even if the forceful compression of the handle does not cause the metal caps to crack, serious deformation and so on.  
  • The adjustable hand crimper is ideal if you are using septa of different thicknesses in your analysis.
  • This product is able to adjust to changes in septum thickness.
  • This product is useful in SPME applications where thinner septa are required.
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