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4ml Screw Neck Glass Vial

The 4ml transparent threaded sample vial (13-425) is suitable for Aijiren 7673, Aijiren 7683 and Aijiren 6850 autosamplers. It can also be used for Perkin-Elmer Autosystem GC, Waters 48-position sample tray autosampler, Shimadzu AOC- 14/1400, Shimadzu LC-10A and SIL-2AS autosampler, used as chromatographic sample bottle and washing bottle. Produced/packed in an ultra-clean working environment. Use with perforated cap: autosampler, used as chromatographic sample?vial?and washing?vial. With solid cap Uses: used for sample storage vials.

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4ml screw threaded sample vial (13-425), suitable for Aijiren, Waters, Varian, Shimadzu, PE, Diane and other types of chromatographic autosamplers. The size of the bottle mouth is accurate to ensure accurate capture by the autosampler.The 4ml transparent screw-top sample bottle (13-425) equipped with a sample bottle septum and bottle cap can also be used as a sample vial and storage vial.
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