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13mm Screw Thread Glass Vial

The 13mm autosampler vial is produced by Aijiren using high-quality imported raw materials from abroad, with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance; the cap is made of high-quality polypropylene, and the septum is made of the highest quality materials, with precise manufacturing tolerances. , The controllable manufacturing environment ensures the high efficiency of product functions. It is widely used in the design of multiple injections or longer sampling periods, as well as weather chromatographs and liquid chromatographs.

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A vial equipped with a 13mm cap with a septum is used as a sample vial, and a vial equipped with a diffusion cap is used as a washing bottle. These sample bottles can also be used as storage bottles. The thread is precisely machined to ensure sealing at all times. It can be matched with the matching 13mm black and white opening, solid cover and various septa.
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