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13-425 4ml Screw Neck Amber Vials

The 13-425 automatic sampling vial is produced by our company using high-quality imported raw materials from abroad. It is resistant to high temperature and corrosion; the cap is made of high-quality polypropylene, and the septum is made of the highest-quality material. Manufacturing tolerances and a controllable manufacturing environment ensure the high efficiency of product functions.

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13mm sample vial introduction: This sample vial is divided into two types according to different materials, one is domestic borosilicate, and the other is imported first-grade hydrolyzed glass, which can meet the needs of customers at different levels. The specification is 15*45mm. Standard sample vials for GC and HPLC, small caliber, 13-425 standard threaded mouth, can be used for autosampler and sample storage. 13-425 4ml screw-top autosampler vial is often used in conjunction with autosamplers such as Shimadzu, Spectrophysics, and Varian. The vial is made of colorless type 1 type A or amber type 1 type B borosilicate glass, and a writable label is affixed to the vial for sample identification.
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