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13mm Amber Glass Autosampler Vial

The vial cap corresponding to the 4ml screw vial combines innovation with time-saving convenience. The chemically inert bottle cap produced by this patented method truly combines the septum and the cap at the molecular level, which can avoid excessive evaporation and keep the sample bottle properly sealed. The thickness of the 13mm septum is 1.5mm, and the PTFE is about 0.1mm.

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4ml Screw Vial has the following advantages 1. The bottle is pollution-free, can be used immediately after purchase, no cleaning 2. This product is a universal sample bottle, which is suitable for various types of autosamplers such as Aijiren, Shimadzu, and Varian. 3. The bottleneck size is accurate, easy to grab and correct 4. The flat bottom is guaranteed to match the lining pipe
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