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Be customized Silicone8-425 Thread Small Opening Caps with Septa

Opening caps with septa refers to the process of removing the cap from a vial that is equipped with a septum. This is typically done in laboratory settings when accessing the contents of the vial for analysis or other purposes.It’s important to perform these steps carefully and gently to avoid damaging the vial or septum and to maintain the integrity of the sample inside.

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Thread small opening caps with septa are a type of closure commonly used in laboratory settings, particularly in chromatography applications such as HPLC and GC. These caps are designed to fit tightly onto vials and provide a secure seal with the help of a septum.


1, our products are widely used in a variety of imported brands of chromatographs, and other automatic sampler.

2, the hole cover is made of high-quality polypropylene material, the gasket is PTFE/ white silicone composite pad, excellent performance.

3, the production workshop for the standard dust-free workshop, to ensure that the factory products to meet the clean requirements.

4, have their own testing center, all batches of products are subjected to strict limit testing, to ensure that the factory products meet the test requirements.

5, the products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, and many well-known brands cooperation.


Name: 2 ml automatic injection bottle pad 8-425

Material: White ptfe/ Red silicone

Size: 8*1.5 mm

Packing: 100 PCS/bag

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