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Hand Decrimper suit for Crimp Vials

The Hand Crimper and Hand Decrimper produced by Aijiren are designed to facilitate customers to seal and disassemble the Crimp Neck Vial. Since Crimp Neck Caps are usually made of metal, it is not easy to disassemble, so tools are needed. In the picture, Aijiren’s Hand Decrimper is very Convenient choice.

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The handle of the Hand Decrimper and the overall black part are made of high-quality plastic. This plastic is hard, not easy to break, and is not easy to deform. The bottom handle fits the average width of the human palm. After holding the handle, only Just press lightly. The head is made of stainless steel. The screw on the back of the Hand Decrimper can be adjusted tightly. When using it, you only need to place the well-sealed Crimp Neck Vial on the head, and slightly pinch the handle to ensure the grip in the four directions of the head. Able to hold the Crimp Vial, and then squeeze the handle a little harder to complete the Crimp Cap falling off work, and Crimp Vial completes the unsealing. It is worth noting that do not use the Hand Decrimper to pinch it too far down or too hard, it will cause the neck of Crimp Vial to break.
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