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11mm Amber Glass Crimp Neck Vials

11mm Crimp Neck Vials is made of high-quality 33 expanded borosilicate 51A brown (type 1 type B) glass. Some sample bottles provide graduated writing labels for easy identification of samples. Wide neck design is easy to fill. If there is a need for small sample detection, it can be matched with micro -insert.

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The 11mm crimp amber sample vials produced by Aijiren are available with scale or without scale, with or without writing label. The unique bottle body design ensures the uniformity of the seal, high-precision workmanship, and strict quality control to ensure the consistency of the size between batches. The well-proportioned flat bottom of 11mm Crimp Vial ensures the matching with micro-insert. Aijiren's micro-insert is also available in three types. Aijiren's dust-free production workshop and packaging workshop guarantee the cleanliness of the products. Customers do not need to clean before use, but if the experimental environment is required to be aseptic and dust removed, Aijiren recommends that customers pre-clean or sterilize the 11mm Crimp Vial. The 11mm aluminum crimp bottle cap can be tightly sealed to prevent liquid leakage. The aluminum cap must be installed on the sample vial with an 11mm Hand Crimper. The product is packaged in a sealed package to prevent contamination during transportation. Septa uses composite PTFE/red rubber septa. Special process to reduce pollution.
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