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9mm Short Thread HPLC Vials

The technical parameters of a 2ml transparent threaded sample bottle with a scale of 9-425 are as follows: Volume: 2mL. Shape: 12x 32 mm. Color: transparent or amber. Bottle scale: Yes (three levels: 0.5ml 1.0ml 1.5ml). Label writing: Yes. Bottle mouth thread: precision machined thread 8-425, always ensure sealing. Packing: 100/bag. Use with perforated cap: used as a sample bottle and washing bottle for chromatographic analysis autosampler.

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2 mL screw wide mouth bottle 12 x 32 mm, 9 mm, large opening, provides more convenience for autosampler, Aijiren assemble cap and pad, easy to use directly, 9mm vial with writing position, convenient for pencils and other markings (Optional) The bottleneck size is accurate, to ensure the correct grasp of the autosampler, strict quality assurance, the size of each batch of products is exactly the same, and the flat bottom is guaranteed to match the micro insert. Aijiren 9mm spiral vials are 40% larger than standard small-bore bottles. Compatible with 31x6mm micro inner tube. It can be used with various types of autosamplers. For convenience, it provides a writing area. Pencils and other markers can measure 0.5, 1.0, 1.5ml. High-quality silica gel guarantees good sealing performance, and PTFE guarantees the corrosion resistance of the product.
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