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9mm Screw Thread PP Vials

9 mm wide-mouth threaded PP HPLC vials: 9 mm screw caps, septa, and vials are designed for use with Agilent and other rotary or robotic samplers. 12X32 mm vials are made of polypropylene with internal The micro-storage inner tank, this micro-groove can increase the storage level, and facilitate the sample to draw liquid from the automatic injection needle inside the Vias. These are the advantages of the micro vial compared to the ordinary automatic injection vial.

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The caps of the 9 mm wide-mouth threaded PP HPLC vials are made of high-quality polypropylene, have precise manufacturing tolerances, and are lined in a controlled manufacturing environment. Available hat colors include yellow, red, green and blue. Our septa uses only the highest quality materials to ensure proper function, and can be pre-cut to reduce needle penetration. Designed for single injection and/or short sample cycles, especially for liquid chromatography applications. The absence of an elastomer layer reduces the possibility of contamination. The Aijiren Vial system is designed to ensure that the limited volume of the insert is correctly centered to avoid missed injection. The inside of the groove of the micro vial is V-shaped, and the structure with a wide top and a narrow bottom is the most convenient for sample injection.
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