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0.3ml Micro Amber PP Snap Vials

The 0.3ml micro amber pp vials produced by Aijiren has a V-shaped liquid storage groove, which can increase the liquid level and facilitate the extraction of the automatic injection needle. It is very suitable for rare or precious samples, and the PP material is extremely inert. It will affect the chemistry of the sample, and the color of Amber can avoid ultraviolet radiation to meet the needs of sample injection.

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If you need a chemically inert polypropylene sample bottle to facilitate experiments, Aijiren's 11mm Snap Neck PP Vials are perfect. These Vials are made of high-quality, GC-tested polypropylene materials and are suitable for most chromatographic applications. Aijiren 11mm Snap Neck PP Vials provides an economical glass alternative for certain applications. Polypropylene is chemically inert, suitable for most chromatographic applications, and can be used when the level of inorganic ions must be kept at an absolute minimum.
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