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ND11 Snap Neck HPLC Micro Vials

Aijiren provides a 0.3ml Snap Neck micro bottle in order to meet the all-round needs of customers. Once Micro Vials was launched, it has received wide acclaim. For experiments that require less sampling and samples are more precious, the Micro Vial produced by Aijiren is very suitable for this type of experiment.

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Micro Vials has a V-shaped liquid storage groove inside the ordinary 2ml Snap Vials, which ensures the presence of a small amount of liquid and can increase the liquid level. Facilitate the sampling of samples by the autosampler, The Micro Vial produced by Aijiren uses the Snap Cap sealing method, and the Snap Neck only needs a simple snap to complete the sealing. The snap-on vial is a simple and effective sealing consumable that can ensure sealing performance without the need for jaw sealing. It's as easy as pushing and pulling. It can provide a safe seal but is only suitable for short-term storage. Because the snap-on vials are used in combination with 11 mm natural or blue bayonet opening caps and various septa to provide a complete seal around the mouth of the bottle. The opening is 40% larger than the opening of the narrow-mouth bottle. The bottle diameter is processed accurately, ceramic writing notes are optional, which improves the processing capacity of the autosampler, and the uniform flat bottom ensures compatibility with the inner sleeve.
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