ND11 Snap Neck Autosampler Vials

ND11 Snap Neck Autosampler Vials

ND11 Snap Neck Autosampler Vials is suitable for most autosamplers on the market. It has a wide neck design and is easy to fill. It is suitable for 6mm diameter intubation tubes. Sample bottles with inscriptions provide graduated labels for easy sample identification. High-quality imports generally use 5.0 The glass tube is made of borosilicate hydrochloric acid, and the lid is made of polyethylene material to reduce the damage caused by repeated use of the lid

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The 11mm Snap Neck Vial can be used with the 11mm Snap Cap to provide a seal around the bottle mouth. The opening of the 11mm Snap Neck Vial is 40% larger than the narrow-mouth bottle. The precisely processed bottle diameter can improve the processing capacity of the autosampler. Optional ceramic writing notes, a uniform flat bottom can ensure compatibility with the inner sleeve. The 11mm septum uses only high-quality materials to ensure proper function. It can be cut in advance to facilitate needle penetration. It is particularly suitable for liquid chromatography applications. Ensure that the septum will not fall into the sample during the sampling process. In the bottle. The septa are made of PTFE/silicone fusion, they have excellent inertness and can be used for multiple injections. The thickness of the 11mm septum is 1mm, and the thickness of PTFE is about 0.1mm.
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