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8-425 Label Glass1.5m/2ml l HPLC Vial For Autosampler

The automatic vial is made of high quality raw materials. 2ml Autosampler Vials 8-425 neck finish represents a hplc vials &gc vials, the vials a diameter of 8 mm across the outside of the threads and a thread style of 425, Vials has clear and amber, Screw Cap in Lab most of the 2ml vials are 12x32mm.

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The automatic vial is made of high quality raw materials. It has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The septum of the autosample vials is made of high quality materials to ensure proper functioning and is widely used in multiple injection or longer injection cycle designs as well as gas and liquid chromatographs.

Sample Vial Characteristics

  • 1. Extremely high inertness: The inertness of the vials reduces peak variations in analytes.
  • 2. Consistent Performance: Consistent performance from batch to batch samples saves you more time troubleshooting and re-running samples.
  • 3. Certificates of Analysis: Bottles come with a certificate of analysis to ensure that they will work in harsh environments.
  • 4. Various cap designs available: Sample bottles can be used with existing 2ml autosampler caps, making your inventory management more convenient.
  • 5. Reduced septum problems: Aijiren is constantly improving its septums to proactively minimize problems such as leaching, chipping, clogging, pushing, stiffness and adsorption.
When choosing HPLC sample vials, it is important to determine the quality of these vials. You will find that the quality of sample vials of the same size varies greatly. Generally speaking, substandard sample vials have a great impact on the ratio of chromatographic peaks. The vials of Aijiren have strict requirements from the selection of raw materials to packaging. The passing rate of factory has reached 98.6%.
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