20ml Headspace Vial, 18mm screw cap, round bottom, 100/pk

20ml Headspace Vial, 18mm screw cap, round bottom, 100/pk

Material: USP1, Borosilicate Glass
20ml Precision Screw Neck 18mm Diameter
Color: Clear / Amber
Bottom: Round Bottom
Vial Size: 22.5*75mm
Cap: 18mm Magnetic Precision Screw Metal Cap
Septa: PTFE/Silicone 17.5*1.3-1.5mm
PTFE/Transparent Silicone Septa 1.3mm for SPME

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The design of the round bottom of the bottle makes the sample bottle not to stop the injection due to the collision of the card slot when the sample bottle is put into the sample tray. The thickness of the gasket can be 1.3-1.5mm, which can be compatible with multiple injection needles The screw cap is made of magnetic adsorption material, which can be absorbed by the automatic mechanical arm. At the same time, the surface is electroplated to ensure that it will not rust after use
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