10ml Screw Vial with Closures

10ml Screw Vial with Closures

Aijiren now offers a full range of GC headspace vial kits, including Crimp and Screw Top configurations. All sample vials are type 1 borosilicate glass, and the range is wide enough to cover all major manufacturers’ instruments, including Shimadzu, Aijiren, PE, CTC and Tekmar headspace instruments.

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10ml transparent precision screw bottle, 18mm round bottom, top space bottle, strong adsorption 1. Automatic SPME such as CTC Combi PAL, TriPlus, Shimadzu AOC5000, Aijiren G1888A. 2. The sample bottle has transparent and brown writing for selection, 3. The unique bottle mouth design guarantees the best tightness, high-precision processing technology, strict quality control, and guarantees the uniformity of the size between batches 4. The 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop ensures the cleanliness of the products.
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