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18mm Screw Neck GC Vial

The optional capacity of the headspace bottle is 10ml 20ml, the specifications are: 22.5 * 46mm, 22.5 * 75.5mm, and colorless and brown headspace vials are provided. The 20ml GC analysis headspace sample bottle series strictly control the HPLC sample bottle mouth to improve the sealing performance. The precise molding bottleneck improves the processing capacity of the autosampler.

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The headspace of the threaded mouth is easy to use, no tools are required, and the septum can be directly screwed on the bottle mouth; the risk of wrong jaws is avoided, and the repeatability of the analysis results can be guaranteed; professional precision makes the gasket and bottle mouth more air-tight Good; the thickness of the septum is smaller than that of the jaw cover, which makes the puncture easier and safer; the sample can be removed in the field without the need to remove it in the laboratory.
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