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Wholesale 1ml Shell Vial

1 ml shell vial
Size 40 x 8.2 mm
Usable volume 1 ml, residual volume <80 µl, minimum working volume 100 µl, total filling volume 1ml PE-Plug,Soft,Without Insertion Quantity 100/pack The polyethylene SepCap designed by Aijiren's Starburst Center can simplify the penetration of syringe needles. The convenient 1ml vial kit includes equal vials and caps. The micro sample vial allows the maximum extraction of samples without the need for a separate insert. Suitable for experiments with few samples.

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The 1ml shell vial is an economical choice for many routine HPLC applications. These neckless vials include polyethylene push-in caps sold as sets to ensure proper fit and function. Sample bottle options include clear glass and amber glass. The 8.2x40mm 1ml shell vial is specially designed for Alcott Positive Displacement autosampler. As a professional manufacturer of chromatography consumables, Aijiren naturally provides high-quality productivity and creativity. Aijiren uses a dust-free workshop to produce, 100pcs/pack packaging, and no pre-cleaning is required because Aijiren guarantees the cleanliness and safety of 1ml shell vial. Customers can buy with confidence.  
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