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1ml Shell Vials Supplier

Aijiren chooses borosilicate glass or polypropylene to make 1ml shell vial, which can be used in Waters WISP™ 96-position autosampler. It can be inserted directly into the snap stopper. The vial and cap are purchased separately or together in a convenient bag. Polyethylene snap stopper. The cap has a star-shaped top, which makes it easier to pierce the needle and facilitate sample injection.

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1ml Shell Vials is an economical choice for many conventional HPLC applications. These neckless vials with inserts are sold as kits and include a polyethylene push-in cap to ensure proper fit and function. Sample bottle options include clear glass, amber glass or polypropylene. The polyethylene snap-on stopper cap has a star-shaped top to make it easier to penetrate the needle. The 8x40mm shell sample bottle is specially designed for the Alcott Positive Displacement autosampler. Choose 1ml Shell Vials from Aijiren, and purchase the vial and cap together in a convenient bag separately or together.
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