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COD Test Tube for Oxygen Demand Analysis

The COD Test Tubes produced by Aijiren are often used for chemical oxygen demand detection. The glass used in the COD Test Tubes produced by Aijiren has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and can well protect the samples without affecting the experimental results. Aijiren’s raw materials are of high quality and production experience Abundant, with favorable product prices, it is a high-quality supplier of chromatographic consumables.

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The COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren is often used for COD testing because of the corrosion resistance of the glass. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) testing is widely used as a measure of organic pollution, by determining the reduction in water samples with specific oxidants, temperature and time reduction The amount of oxygen required for the oxidation of substances (including organic matter). COD test is a good indicator of organic pollutants in industrial wastewater containing cyanide and heavy metals. COD testing can quickly respond to changing conditions before critical issues arise. For the COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren, its raw materials are resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and can remain stable under high centrifugal or high temperature conditions. The screw neck is convenient for testers to seal, and the long tube can protect testers from being burned. Aijiren produces The COD Test Tube is the best choice for COD.
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