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Aijiren’s COD Test Tubes are Used in Multifunctional Digestion Instrument

The COD Test Tubes produced by Aijiren are often used for digestion colorimetric experiments. This kind of experiment has high requirements for COD Test Tubes and has a wide range of applications. Pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, water quality, etc. all need to use digestion colorimetric experiments. experiment. Aijiren’s COD Test Tubes can well meet the requirements for consumables in the digestion colorimetric experiment.

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Aijiren has a long-term cooperative relationship with the Chemistry Laboratory of Quzhou University in Zhejiang, China. Some of Aijiren’s more complex product testing including product recommendations and technical support are all cooperated with the Quzhou University laboratory. With technical support, Aijiren Many of the parameters can also be specified, including the temperature range available for COD Test Tubes, corrosion resistance and so on. Aijiren's own testing laboratory is also stepping up preparations and construction. We have purchased many experimental and analytical instruments for testing. After the construction is completed, we can independently conduct product inspection and analysis. In the picture, laboratory personnel are using COD Test Tubes for digestion experiments.
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