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10ml 20ml Screw Headspace Vial for supplier

Headspace vials are typically larger than the 2 mL volumetric flasks used in many liquid sampling systems. Headspace vials are commonly available in 10 mL and 20 mL capacities.

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Headspace vials are a common gas phase laboratory consumable used to prepare headspace samples. The purpose of a headspace vial is to extract volatile components from a complex sample mixture, separate them from non-volatile components, and inject them into a gas chromatography system for separation.

Headspace Vial Details

  • Vial Volume: 10ml, 20ml
  • Dimension: 22.5x46mm(10ml), 22.5x75mm(20ml)
  •  Color:  Clear and Amber
  • Bottom: Round Bottom
  • Neck Diameter: 18mm
  • Neck: Precision Screw neck
  • Vial Material: Borosilicate Glass/1st hydrolytic class glass
  • Cap:18mm Magnetic Precision Screw Metal Cap
  Headspace vials often come in larger volumes than the 2-mL vials used in many liquid sampling systems. Common offerings are 10 mL and 20 mL capacities,etc. Larger vials accommodate larger sample volume and/or a larger headspace above that sample. Because headspace works best for volatile compounds, using quality vials and caps to form a tight seal is critical to a successful analysis.
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