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20ml Amber Headspace Vials for Lab

20ml precision screw headspace vial, 18mm, round bottom, top space vial, strong adsorption. Headspace vials are manufactured to provide uniform glass thickness which insures even heat distribution for consistent sampling reliability.

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- The 18 mm screw-necked magnetic screw-sealed vials for CTC are new to the market for headspace where crimped necks predominate. However, especially for magnetic caps that are difficult to press, the screw seal is a convenient alternative. - Vials are preferred for instruments: CTC PAL, Varian, Gerstel, Atas, Shimadzu and Aijiren.  

18mm Screw Headspace Vial Features

The screwed interface technology is more convenient and easier to open and tighten. Samples can be removed in the field, eliminating the need for disassembly in the laboratory; particularly suitable for use with the CTC Combi PAL, TriPlus and Shimadzu AOC5000 or other similar instruments. The center opening is designed for both SPME and headspace analysis, and provides sufficient magnetic area for transferring sample-filled vials.  

Product Advantages

  • 1. Material USP1 borosilicate glass.
  • 2. Cartridge packaging to minimize damage to sample vials.
  • 3. Manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure consistent sample size from batch to batch.
  • 4. Suitable for headspace analysis of volatile solids and gases.
  • 5. Stores volatile samples to prevent sample evaporation.
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