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Packed 20mm Crimp Headspace Vial

The Crimp Top headspace vials are made of borosilicate hydrochloric acid. It has a transparent and amber color and can withstand a temperature range of -60 to 200 degrees Celsius. Generally speaking, the volume of the headspace vial is 10-20ml, and the characteristic is 22.5*46/75mm. The performance is acid resistance, alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. Packaging usually adopts inner packaging shrink plastic box.

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The Crimp Top Aijiren headspace sample vial has a slanted neck to ensure a safe seal; the glass thickness is uniform for uniform heat distribution and stability; the sturdy design is easy to use. Supplied with transparent amber USP1 borosilicate glass with screws and crimp top. The round-bottom bottle can disperse the internal pressure generated by the high temperature of the glass surface, and it is easier to handle the vials lifted from the tray by the robot.
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