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EPA Sample Storage Vials for Sale

The Sample Storage Vials produced by Aijiren have many different capacities. In order to adapt to different customers, they have 24mm openings and 24-400 standard threads. The sample storage vial can also be called EPA Vials. The Aijiren EPA spiral sample bottle convenience kit provides assembly Cap and Septa’s service to save you time in the sample preparation process. Aijiren has a variety of capacities and specifications of 20ml-60ml to choose from, which can meet the various needs of customers for samples.

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EPA sample vials are those sample vials that meet the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency for testing water or soil samples for potentially harmful environmental contaminants. To be used for environmental analysis, the EPA sample vial must be clean and free of substances that may affect the analysis. Aijiren's flat-bottomed EPA sample vials are available in 20, 30, 40, and 60 ml capacities and are suitable for water or soil samples. Aijiren EPA Vials are made of chemically inert Type I borosilicate glass. For photosensitive samples, there are amber Vials that can resist ultraviolet rays. The EPA vial has a 24 mm screw cap with a thread type of 24-400. The matching Cap with Septa produced by Aijiren is sold separately.
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