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24mm Sample Storage Vials

The 24mm sample storage vial is a laboratory bottle produced by Aijiren with larger capacity, larger opening and larger volume. The 24mm threaded opening ensures the accuracy of laboratory sample injection, and the large capacity can also ensure sufficient actual placement. Aijiren uses borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass for the production of Vias, which meets the needs of the laboratory and protects the safety of the samples.

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Aijiren, as a professional chromatography consumables production company, can produce 24mm sample storage vial, and it is fully automated mass production. Aijiren has sufficient production technology and production capacity to meet the simultaneous operation of four production lines and the ability to work in multiple workshops at the same time. The key to making Aijiren a well-known manufacturer of chromatography consumables in China lies in the clean room and production that meets ISO standards.  
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