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9mm Screw Neck Glass Vial

9mm Wide Opening Amber Glass Screw MS Certified Vial Convenience Kits are fully lot-tested by multiple methods for 15 critical parameters. Every pack comes with a Certificate of Conformance. Manufactured from superior quality 33 expansion borosilicate clear (Type 1, Class A) glass, vials are available in assembled and unassembled kits. An assortment of wide opening 9mm vials and a selection of closures are available to suit your application.

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Save time during sample preparation and reduce the risk of contamination using Thermo Scientific? 9mm Wide Opening Clear Vial Convenience kits (Unassembled). Each kit includes 100 clear glass vials and 100 screw thread caps with pre-assembled septa. Reusable two-compartment trays protect vials and closures while keeping matching supplies together. Clear trays to make it easy to keep track of available supplies without opening containers.
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