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2ml 9mm Crimp PTFE silicone vials with polypropylene cap

2 ml 9 mm silicone vials with polypropylene caps are commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and laboratory settings.
These vials are designed to store and protect sensitive substances, such as medications, chemicals, or biological samples, ensuring their integrity and preventing contamination.
The combination of a silicone-lined vial and a polypropylene cap provides a secure and reliable storage solution for sensitive materials.
It helps to safeguard the contents from external contaminants, moisture, and potential degradation.

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Silicone vials typically feature a glass or plastic body with a silicone lining or coating on the inside. Silicone is a flexible, inert material that provides an excellent barrier against moisture, gases, and other environmental factors.


1.Standard vials for GC and HPLC.

2.Vials with integrated Micro-Insert are available.

3.11mm hand crimper & 11mm Decapper.

4.Vials have a 40% larger opening than standard opening aluminum seal vials.

5.Vials are manufactured of Clear or Amber  borosilicate glass.

6.The standard 12x32mm profile is compatible with 11mm aluminum seal closures.


Marerial of septa:PTFE silicone
Sample :for free
Marerial of cap:polypropylene
Classification:Laboratory Bottle
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