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Snap Top Autosampler Vial’s Cap and Septa

Aijiren produces 11mm snap top closures to provide more sealing for Snap Top Vial. 11mm snap neck vial is a kind of Autosampler Vial, which is a popular product of Aijiren. Aijiren’s Autosampler Vial is a star product, and 11mm snap top closures are even more full. Attention, Aijiren promised to use better raw materials, better machinery and equipment to ensure unified production.

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11mm snap closures, using high-quality raw materials, polypropylene made of different colors of Cap, Silicone and PTFE made of Septa, uniform batch production, consistent machine production allows customers to operate more conveniently, especially 11mm snap closures One of the major features is the convenient and fast sealing snaps. The inside of the Cap does not have common threads, but has four protrusions. This protrusion is used to get stuck inside a circle of depressions in the neck of the Vial, so the customer only needs to use it. You need to place the Cap on the neck of Vial and press it slightly harder.
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