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Hand Decrimper suit for Crimp Neck Vials

The Caps of the Crimp Neck Vials produced by Aijiren are all made of metal, and the experimenter cannot seal it just by taking over. This requires the use of Hand Crimper and Decrimper for sealing or unsealing. In the picture is the Hand Decrimper provided by Aijiren. There are two sizes, 11mm and 20mm, which are suitable for 11mm crimpe autosampelr vial and 20mm Crimpe headspace vial respectively.

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The Hand Decrimper provided by Aijiren is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not easy to deform and can be hard and easily deform the Crimp Cap. Both the long handle and the short handle can facilitate the disassembly of the Crimp Cap by customers. Different types can be purchased according to personal habits. Hand DeCrimper. It is worth noting that Aijiren’s handles are made of two materials, one is iron and the other is plastic. Both of these materials are very strong. Customers can remove the Crimp Cap with light force, and the handle fits the human hand. The contour of the part is convenient for customers to exert force.
Part No. AJRD11-W AJRD20-W
Description Hand Decrimper, for 11mm Crimp Caps Open, Economy type Hand Decrimper, for 20mm Crimp Caps Open,  Economy type
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