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Screw 1.5ml Hplc Glass Vial

Choose 9mm hplc sample vials: use micro-injection and high-recovery sample vials to obtain the maximum sample extraction volume without inserting them separately, and identify samples and samples through the graduated and stickable patches provided on some sample vials. Volume, obtain maximum polarity, unstable or easily recyclable samples, use silanized (inactivated) glass OH interaction compound (optional)

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Using the Aijiren 9mm wide-mouth transparent vial convenient kit (unassembled) can save time in the sample preparation process and reduce the risk of contamination. Each kit includes 100 clear glass vials and 100 screw caps with pre-assembled septa. The reusable two-compartment tray protects the vials and caps while keeping matching consumables together. Clear the tray to easily track available consumables without opening the container.
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