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ND11 11mm Crimp Neck Vials for Sale

11mm crimp bottles can be used as standard crimp bottles for GC or HPLC. At the same time, Aijiren also produces inserts, 11mm Crimp Closures and other accessories. The sample bottles are made of first-class hydrolyzed glass, which is resistant to acid and neutral solutions. With good chemical resistance, this type of glass material has a high surface density, which ensures that it has a high hydrolysis resistance and a very low expansion coefficient, even at high temperatures.

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Aijiren's sample vials and caps have strict size standards, which can be matched with crimp autosamplers on the market. The bottle body is made of colorless Type 1 Type A or Amber Type 1 Type B borosilicate glass, equipped with a writable label for sample identification. The bottleneck of precision molding can improve the processing capacity of the autosampler. The production and packaging of sample bottles are in a dust-free workshop environment. Aijiren's packaging is specifically designed to reduce pollution. The 11mm wide opening is 40% larger than the mouth of a standard narrow-mouthed sample bottle, providing a larger target area to improve the accuracy of the autosampler needle. Consistency, uniform flat bottom can ensure matching with micro-insert. Crimp Cap uses high-quality aluminum cap, and Septa uses polytetrafluoroethylene composite silicone material. Precise manufacturing tolerances and controllable manufacturing environment ensure the high efficiency of product functions. In order to ensure accurate needle insertion, pre-slit Septa can be provided, which is specially designed for single injection or short sampling period, and is especially suitable for liquid chromatographs. Make sure that the septum does not fall into the sample vial during the sampling process.
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