ND11 Snap Top HPLC Vial for Agilent

ND11 Snap Top HPLC Vial for Aijiren

The 2ml snap HPLC vial is made of type 1 borosilicate glass. Compared to 9mm screw vials, this 2ml snap hplc vial opening is a wider opening. Therefore, the 2ml snap top HPLC vial is easy to fill and increases the target area of the autosampler needle. This means that 2ml snap-top HPLC vials can protect needles.

The 2ml snap-top HPLC vial size is 11.6x32mm and is compatible with most autosamplers such as Aijiren. 2ml HPLC vials are available in amber and transparent colors. The bottom of the vial is flat. It is convenient to put. Aijiren offers 2ml snap-top HPLC vials and pads at wholesale prices.

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