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China supplier wholesale 2ml 9mm fisher screw autosampler Type I Borosilicate Glass vial

2ml 9mm fisher screw autosamplers are automated instruments commonly used in analytical laboratories for sample handling and injection into analytical instruments such as gas chromatographs (GC) or liquid chromatographs (LC).
Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of laboratory equipment, including autosamplers from various manufacturers.
Borosilicate glass vials are commonly used in laboratory and pharmaceutical settings for the storage and transportation of various liquid or solid samples.
Borosilicate glass is a specialized type of glass that contains boron trioxide, which gives it unique properties compared to regular soda-lime glass.

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2ml 9mm fisher screw autosampler type  borosilicate glass vials are widely used due to their exceptional thermal and chemical resistance, transparency, and versatility.


1.Autosamplers automate the sample handling and injection process, reducing the need for manual intervention.

2.Autosamplers are designed to deliver precise and consistent sample volumes, ensuring accurate and reproducible results.

3.Autosamplers can handle large sample volumes, enabling high sample throughput in a shorter time frame.

4.Borosilicate glass has excellent thermal resistance, making it highly resistant to thermal shock.


Vial Material:Type I Borosilicate Glass

Vial Color:Amber clear

Septa Specification:9mm(Diameter);1mm(Thickness)


Application:Instrumental Analysis

Sample:Provided Freely


Matching Brands:Waters, varian, Fisher


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