9mm HPLC Vials for Agilent Autosampler

9mm HPLC Vials for Aijiren Autosampler

Aijiren’s 9mm hplc vials are very suitable for Autosampler, especially Aijiren’s machines, because Aijiren’s 9mm hplc vials have a long neck to facilitate the grasping of instruments, and the bottom is flat and easy to place in the sampling area, and the accuracy of the thread is guaranteed Improved the sealing performance of 9mm hplc vials. In addition, Aijiren’s Cap and Septa have types that are convenient for Autosampler to puncture. Cap has a center hole, and Septa is very convenient for puncture.

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There are many types of 9mm hplc vials produced by Aijiren, such as clear glass and amber glass. The color of amber can resist ultraviolet rays and protect light-sensitive samples. The clear glass allows customers to see the reagent level at a glance. The 9mm hplc vials made of PP are made of highly inert polypropylene, which can hold extremely corrosive chemical reagents. Aijiren also produces 9mm hplc vials with micro-insert, which is a very suitable choice for reagents with precious samples or small quantities. The 9mm hplc vials produced by Aijiren can also choose the label area of Vial, including logo customization and scale printing. Screw Neck Cap can also be selected, including Septa can be customized according to the reagent.
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