8-425 Auotsampler Vial for Agilent 6890N

8-425 Auotsampler Vial for Aijiren N

Aijiren is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Autosampler Vial. It is precisely because of Aijiren’s expertise that it has its own production base and production line, which can guarantee large base production while ensuring quality. Aijiren’s quality inspection system is very strict. Aijiren’s staff will be in Via There are dozens of inspection procedures in the production process to carry out quality inspections, and you can rest assured to purchase Aijiren’s Autosampler Vial.

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The 8-425 Autosampler Vial produced by Aijiren has a diameter of 8mm and a longer neck thread to ensure a tight seal. The amber and clear glass colors protect the sample type. The size of the vial is 11.6*32mm, and the glass is borosilicate. There are 5.0 and 7.0 types of hydrochloric acid glass. There are many options for purchasing Autosampler Vial from Aijiren, such as the color of the glass, the printing of Vial, labels, scales and logos. Not only that, you can also choose black or white to buy Cap, and Septa can choose different colors, pre-slit or non-slit. Aijiren is committed to diversifying its products so that customers can have more choices. Autosampler Vial is also a popular product of Aijiren. It is often used in Aijiren's autosampler and is a necessary consumable for customers' laboratories.
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